About Us


At Braintune, our goal is to change the world one mind at a time. Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to the creation and implementation of innovative biotechnologies and services for the benefit of human health and the betterment of the world.

At the center of all we do is the Tuning Test™. It’s the test that all our clients and their loved ones can use to check in and see that their chip is working and their persona is safe.

But what you may not know is that we use the Tuning Test™ on ourselves, on every decision that we make.

Tuning Test Values

  •      Our patients are the primary focus of our work.
  •      We are committed to the highest possible moral and ethical standards in everything we do.
  •      We value transparency, consistency, and good corporate citizenship.
  •      We work tirelessly to make our technologies affordable to people regardless of income, race, nationality, or background.
  •      We care about the environment.
  •      We care about our patients.
  •      We care about each other.

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