Tune your brain

Braintune is the world’s foremost purveyor of medical control chips. Our products have safely helped millions live more comfortable and stable lives by unleashing the brain’s natural power to regulate the body.  Simply and easily injected, Braintune’s nanotechnology unit uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate self-regulation impulses in the neurocortex. The chip puts your brain in charge, whether that’s regulating insulin production, heading off an asthma attack, managing a chronic illness, or changing destructive behavioral patterns. Feeling bad is obsolete when you Have Your Brain Tuned™.

Pricing Plans

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“My chronic pain had mushroomed into depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, and a even few suicide attempts before I finally decided to try Braintune. I was skeptical, but it worked! My pain is under control, I’m dating—some people even think it’s sexy that I have a chip.”

—name withheld

“I always said I would never chip my child, but our son’s behavioral issues were causing problems at home and at school. I didn’t want to send him away, so we took him to Braintune. He’s like a whole new person! In fact, he’s doing the dishes right now. I never would have believed it.”

—name withheld

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